Accepted Papers

‘A Comparative Analysis on Machine Learning Techniques for Research Metadata: the ARDUOUS Case Study’ by Dipendra Yadav, Emma Tonkin, Teodor Stoev and Kristina Yordanova

‘A Methodology and System for Big-Thick Data Collection’ by Ivan Kayongo, Haonan Zhao, Leonardo Malcotti and Fausto Giunchiglia

‘Addressing Privacy in Passive Data Collection for Nursing Documentation’ by Farnod Bahrololloomi, Johannes Luderschmidt and Sergio Staab

‘Understanding and Addressing User Needs for Annotation of Simple Sensor Data’ by Albrecht Kurze and Christin Reuter

‘Variability of annotations over time. An experimental study in the dementia-related named entity recognition domain.’ by Teodor Stoev, Sumaiya Suravee and Kristina Yordanova

‘Assessing Large Language Models for annotating data in Dementia-Related texts: A Comparative Study with Human Annotators’ by Sumaiya suravee, Teodor Stoev, Kristina Yordanova and Sara Konow

‘Challenges in Data Preservation for AI and ML Systems’ by Emma Tonkin and Gregory Tourte